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How important is your DJ?

By looking at the surveys from brides over the last two years, the evidence is overwhelming to say the least. Your DJ is responsible for contributing to 58% of your receptions success. Left in the hands of an amateur, your success could be far less than 58%.

Know your DJ's responsibilities!

The following list is just a sample of what the DJ's responsibilities are:

  • Appropriate music for cocktail & dinner hours
  • Announcements
    (Grand Entrance, Cake Cutting, Toasts, First Dance, Father/Daughter Dance, Mother/Son Dance, Bridal Dance, Money Dance, Bouquet & Garter Toss)
  • Special announcements that are not on the agenda
  • Coordinating with the photographer, videographer & caterer
  • Spending the required time planning your reception with you

Questions to ask your DJ!

It might be a good idea to ask your DJ the following questions:

  • Do you provide a written contract?
    It is important to get your booking confirmed in writing. All terms should be defined to avoid future complications.

  • Are you insured?
    A DJ who is insured demonstrates that they are a serious business and care about the protection of you and your guests as well as their equipment.

  • Do you use equipment of professional quality?
    There is a difference between home audio equipment and professional equipment. A DJ's equipment should be designed to sound crisp at all listening levels as well as durable.

  • Will you listen to all my concerns and inputs?
    A professional DJ should welcome your input and ideas. They should not have a set play list. Check out what our competition offers. You should meet with you DJ prior to your event to discuss your selections and make suggestions. Special requests should not be a problem.

  • Will you play the music at an appropriate level?
    A professional DJ knows to keep the volume at a level appropriate for the guests, especially during the cocktail and dinner hours.

A.J. the DJ is concerned with maintaining a high standard of quality in performance and business ethics in order to ensure that you receive the best possible music entertainment possible for your event.

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