Easy Wedding Organizer v2.6 03-13-98
Organize your upcoming wedding

Company: Applied Arts, Ltd.
Version: 2.6
Size: 1.94 MB
Rating:3 Stars
Downloads: 359

Requirements: Windows 95

Purchase Information: Shareware: Free to try, $38 if you decide to keep it.

Easy Wedding Organizer is a comprehensive database for planning all your wedding details. If you plan to invite many guests, you will enjoy the attention to detail in the guest list secion of the program. It can track the status of the invitations, include personalized salutations, indicate whether children will be invited, and much more. You can record responses with a click of the mouse, or you can enter more specific details such as hotel arrangements and notes to remember. Other modules include a To-Do list, budget, gift list, and priting options. The program doesn't offer editable To-Do lists or budget items, so you'll have to enter everything in from scratch and hope that you don't forget anything. Easy Wedding Organizer offers strong support for managing the guest list, but falls short in other areas of wedding planning.

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