Wedding Workshop v3.0


Plan a wedding

Company: MicroPrecision Software, Inc.
Version: 3.0
Size: 1.27 MB
Rating:3 Stars
Downloads: 1,213

Requirements: Windows 95

Purchase Information: Demo

Demo Wedding Workshop, a comprehensive wedding-planner database from MicroPrecision Software. Although the features are limited, this demo gives you a good sense of the level of detail in the full version. You can create and maintain a guest list, track all of the parties, organize gifts, and keep detailed records of out-of-town arrangements. You can also track multiple weddings, create reports, and keep track of every financial detail with the budgeting features. Wedding Workshop even includes printing features for envelopes and labels. The full version has a wedding planning guide. A large toolbox and detailed graphics make this program attractive and easy to use.

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